My Fit Pro

My Fit Pro is a live streaming platform built from the ground up specifically for fitness professionals. We know that the fitness industry has unique needs that aren't met by other solutions. My Fit Pro aims to make fitness live streaming easy for both you and your customers, no matter where you or your customers are located. My Fit Pro is perfect for HIIT style classes, yoga, Pilates, dance fitness classes, or any other type of instructor-led fitness class.

We know that you need your classes need to be private and secure. That's why you get your own private password protected page to share with your customers, which you can customise with your logo and timetable. Your customers simply log in with their name and password - no account required. After all they are your customers, not ours, and their privacy matters.

We also know that sometimes you need help. That's why we offer industry leading around the clock support for when problems arise. You have a business to run, and it's our job to ensure that you are up and live streaming as quickly as possible. Our support staff are also fitness instructors themselves, so they understand your needs.

My Fit Pro offers you a premium live streaming service, that is tailored specifically for fitness professionals, at an affordable price. We want to ensure that you succeed, and with My Fit Pro, you will thrive.

Meet our team

My Fit Pro is made up of a small and passionate team of individuals.

Alex McKenzie


Alex launched his first successful online business when he was just 18 years old. He thrives off a technical challenge but also enjoys working with customers to solve their problems. When his wife, Fiona, needed help streaming her fitness classes during lockdown in 2020, he saw a problem and found a solution that turned into My Fit Pro, which is much-loved by its loyal customers. In his spare time, Alex enjoys spending time with his young family and playing strategy and simulation games like Cities: Skylines and Satisfactory or watching the Formula 1. Which means that when it comes to solving your problems, he will strategise until he fixes them!

Fiona McKenzie


Fiona has over a decade of experience as a digital product manager and has been a dance fitness instructor since 2014. It was after experiencing issues live streaming her own fitness classes that the problem was found and Alex (aka hubby) set to work to fix. Because of her interest in technology and her passion for fitness, you can often find Fiona hanging out in our instructors facebook community assisting with any problems or brainstorming ideas, or even just cheering them on after a class! When she’s not teaching or juggling work, she is spending time with her family – Alex, their two daughters and Rosie their dog. Or she totally escapes and enjoys the quiet with a cup of tea and a chocolate or two.

Iain Collins


Iain was one of the first to bound onto the team, and he provides invaluable technical expertise to the team. Alex would probably be lost without him 😉 He assists in adding new features for the website and looking after infrastructure. Iain lives in Glasgow, Scotland and enjoys exploring the Scottish Highlands on weekends away. When he isn’t tied to a computer writing code, he loves watching the Formula 1.

Laurel Menicucci


Laurel is a dance fitness instructor from Albuquerque, New Mexico and is extremely helpful at answering questions for our customers in our facebook community and via email support. She was actually so helpful before she was a part of the team, which is why we asked her to be a part of the team! She gained much of her tech support knowledge as she is a certified American Signed Language interpreter who worked in multiple settings including public education and Video Relay Services. Now she spends her time homeschooling her three kids (which is an adventure in itself!). If she does get a spare moment she loves to read, sew and – like any good New Mexican – she loves to watch her Lobos play basketball with her husband. Plus here’s a fun fact: Laurel has an extra freezer dedicated entirely to red and green chile!

Our Story

Hi! 👋 My name is Alex. I'm the creator of My Fit Pro.

I created My Fit Pro to help my wife, Fiona, stream her fitness classes online to her customers while she was unable to teach her classes in person due to covid lockdowns. She was having lots of trouble with Facebook and it's algorithms that detect copyrighted music, despite her having a valid license to stream her classes with music online.

We looked at some of our much larger competitors, and they were either really expensive, or required annual commitments, or both, which in my wife's case was just not feasible.

It soon became apparent that it wasn't just my wife who was having these problems, and that we could help others who were also in the same situation. And so, My Fit Pro was born.