10 benefits of using My Fit Pro to live stream your fitness class

10 benefits of using My Fit Pro to live stream your fitness class

By Fiona McKenzie  ·   ·  4 min read

My Fit Pro is a video streaming platform for fitness instructors to stream their classes to their clients from the studio, home, or even while on vacation! Sounds too good to be true, right? Surely there is something that doesn’t work well? Check out our testimonials to see for yourself, but let us take you through the benefits of using My Fit Pro to stream.

1. It’s private and secure

You control who sees your class on your own password protected page. You can change your class password whenever you like – weekly, monthly, whatever works for your fitness business! You can also create temporary passwords.

2. Privacy conscious

We respect you – and your customers’ – privacy. Which is why when your customers want to watch your streaming session, they don’t have to register for an account.

3. No royalty issues

Have you ever tried streaming a video on another platform and it cuts off (because it doesn’t believe you have the rights, even if you’ve paid for a licence!) or you have to do a mad dash to say you own it? With My Fit Pro, if you have a license for the music, you will never need to worry about your stream being cut off ever again!

4. High quality video

My Fit Pro supports high quality video up to 1080p resolution at 4Mbps. Which means your customers will be able to see you super clearly and emulate your form, and be able to hear you just as well!

5. Stream from any device

You can use your existing devices to stream with My Fit Pro – such as your iPhone, Android device, even your laptop!

6. No social media? Not an issue!

We have made My Fit Pro easy to use, for not only our clients (aka YOU) but for your clients too! Which means that there’s no need for a social media account to access a class.

7. In-class comments

We love the comments function, and even more so because it updates in REAL TIME! And it means that a community is built via the comments section as your clients chat and interact with one another.

8. Made for small businesses

We’re a small business too, so we get it! There are no lock-in contracts, no minimum term, and no paying for a whole year in advance. And best yet, we still manage to keep our prices low!

9. Your clients can watch from anywhere!

Because your clients can watch from any device it means that they don’t have to live locally, it means that they can watch from literally anywhere in the world.

10. Amazing support team

We think we saved the best for last, but our support team is BEYOND amazing. We are real people, who own their own small fitness business (which means we really get it!) and they use My Fit Pro day in and day out. So we’ve got you!

Still not convinced that you should take your fitness classes online and stream them with My Fit Pro? Why not check out some of our testimonials [link to testimonials] or even try the demo [link to demo] out for yourself.

If you have any questions, send us an email or message on one of our social accounts and we would love to help get your fitness classes online and streaming!

Fiona McKenzie


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