What equipment do I need to live stream my fitness class?

What equipment do I need to live stream my fitness class?

By Fiona McKenzie  ·   ·  2 min read

As the fitness industry evolves, it's vital for business owners to blend digital services with in-person experiences. If you're new to this and feel overwhelmed about starting online fitness classes, here's a straightforward guide to help you begin your live streaming without unnecessary expenses.

Simple Steps to Start Live Streaming Your Fitness Classes:

Get the Right Equipment:

  • Phone or Camera: Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a built-up webcam. Devices like the RTMP-enabled DSLR cameras or the Logitech Mevo Start are also excellent choices. These options come with good cameras and microphones ideal for streaming.
  • Mounting Gear: You'll need a tripod or a stand to secure your camera during streaming. If you’re looking for a more permanent setup in a studio, consider a ceiling or wall mount like the SkyFloat.
  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is crucial. You can use cellular data or WiFi, but for the most reliable connection, consider using an ethernet adapter.

Having just these will get you started. Over time, think about enhancing your setup with better sound systems, additional lighting, and decorative elements to enrich your space.

For a detailed list of equipment and further guidance, download our free Live Streaming Equipment Checklist.

Starting your live streaming journey can seem daunting, but with the right tools and a simple approach, it's very achievable. Expand gradually and optimize based on your needs and resources. Feel free to reach us 24/7 for support, as you enhance your fitness offering.

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