Why My Fit Pro is a Better Alternative to Instagram for Live Streaming Fitness Classes

Why My Fit Pro is a Better Alternative to Instagram for Live Streaming Fitness Classes

By Fiona McKenzie  ·   ·  2 min read

In the realm of virtual fitness, the trend of live streaming classes has transformed how people engage in workouts from their homes. While Instagram provides a platform for streaming, My Fit Pro emerges as a superior alternative for live fitness classes:

1. Specialized Fitness Platform

My Fit Pro focuses solely on fitness, offering a niche environment tailored for fitness business owners to run their classes, ensuring a dedicated fitness experience without the distractions of scrolling on Instagram.

2. Privacy and Security

My Fit Pro prioritizes user privacy and security, providing a secure space away from the public space of Instagram where privacy concerns may arise.

3. Professional Video Quality

My Fit Pro delivers professional streaming quality and features designed for fitness business owners, ensuring a seamless experience with improved audio, video, and interactivity compared to Instagram. Further, Instagram onlylive streams in portrait mode, which looks terrible for your members wanting to watch your class on their big screen TV or laptop. My Fit Pro allows the choice of landscape or portrait, though we do recommend sticking with landscape as that’s the shape of your members’ TVs!

4. Community Building

My Fit Pro fosters a community of fitness enthusiasts, allowing for deeper connections and engagement beyond the superficial interactions often found on Instagram.

5. Monetization Opportunities

My Fit Pro offers avenues for fitness professionals to monetize their expertise through subscriptions and paid classes, unlike Instagram, where live streams are freely and publicly available.

6. Music

Most social media platforms don't allow you to use copyright music, even if you've paid for a license to do so. With My Fit Pro, you can play any music you are licensed to use. We'll never mute your stream or cut you off.

In summary, My Fit Pro shines as a premium platform for live streaming fitness classes over Instagram, offering a tailored fitness experience, enhanced privacy, community engagement, monetization opportunities, and exclusive content that elevate the virtual fitness experience. For those looking for a dedicated, high-quality platform for their fitness journey, My Fit Pro is the ultimate choice over Instagram.